Feature Artist: Becky Bolton Crisswell

Corsage Bottle by B. Bolton Crisswell  Design Jar by  B. Bolton Crisswell

Crisswell’s professional clay career has spanned 37 years. She has exhibited at the Kentuck Festival for 36 years and Bluff Park Art Show for over 30 years. Presently her clay art may be purchased year-round at Blue Phrog Gallery in Montevallo.

Crisswell’s wheel-thrown clay artworks are graceful forms with artistic surface considerations–most involving utility into art. Her tripled coated glazes give a rich, cobalt blue color, patterned with crystalline bursts and textures derived from the interaction of several glaze components, including rutile and gerstley borate. Crisswell has developed a paper-relief and porcelain slip design technique–these design surfaces can be very geometrical or loosely ornate, with either white or black slip applications. Another approach is a method of porcelain slip decoration by simply drawing into it free hand with a pencil to create her ever-popular “swimming fish” motif. Sculptural applications are also incorporated in her “corsage” pieces, “Clayfolk” jars and figure sculptures.


  • sculpted stoneware & mid-range porcelain
  • functional/wheel thrown stoneware
  • clay pieces fired to cone 6/oxidation firing (~2300 F)
  • hand mixed glazes from crushed stone & chemicals


  • paper relief design on surfaces using airbrushed porcelain slips
  • sculpted and folded clay designs
  • slab work with impressed materials
  • hand drawn pencil work into clay slips
  • layered glaze application



Feature Artist: Emily Neel Guin

EGuin As for me and my house EGuin Crazy cross


Emily is an outgoing, motivated and creative individual who enjoys all things vibrant and cheerful. Emily’s love for art started at an early age when she received an “art supply set” for Christmas. She blissfully went to work painting whatever her paintbrush could get ahold of. Once her paint supplies began to get low, Emily would sell bake goods to the local businesses and households to make money to re-stock her art supplies.

Since initially opening Emily’s Original Art in 2009, Emily’s passion for creativity has turned into a blossoming business. Emily’s Original Art allows her to use her creative talents, design concepts, marketing skills, and business expertise while creating art. Her client base has grown to include for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, and private households, from all over the United States for whom she has designed artwork. Emily has donated several pieces of original artwork to non-profit organizations and mission-based charities around the country. Her artwork has been featured in Louisville Magazine (April 2011), Shop 280 magazine, and Shop Tuscaloosa magazine. She was also a guest speaker on ABC 33/40 “Talk of Alabama”, where she shared her story and showed the audience pieces of original art. In December 2012, Emily was introduced to Magnolia Lane Collections in Birmingham, Alabama. While creating “happy-original” artwork for businesses and loyal customers, Emily also designs a line of artwork produced by Magnolia Lane.

Each piece of her original artwork is painted on hand-built wooden canvases deigned by her grandfather. The style of Emily’s art is whimsical, eclectic, happy, and “one of a kind”! Within some of her paintings she uses different mediums, including: acrylic, spray paint, recycled materials, wire, mirror, low-voc polyurethane, etc.

“Painting is my happiness & you can never have too much happy”

– Emily

(Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/emilysoriginalart

(Website): http://www.emilysoriginalart.biz/

EGuin Flag

Feature Artist: Paula Reynolds

Paula Reynolds Bronze Jade Platter (2) Paula Reynolds 3 Bronze Mugs

Paula Reynolds works in a cozy studio making pottery and sculptures with two dedicated studio mates, an English Bulldog and a Boxer.  She makes her own glazes and uses mid-range stoneware. Preferring pots that are not identical, she works in series that are related. Her mixed media sculptures are playful and autobiographical. Paula graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts with a BFA in Crafts, a BFA in Art Education, and a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies in Ceramics and Sculpture. She also studied at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland taking post-graduate ceramic courses. Paula is a native of Virginia where she taught high school art and graduate ceramics before moving to Alabama. She and her husband, Mel, live in Inverness near their two sons and daughter-in-law. Paula teaches ceramics at Jefferson State Community College, serves as Assistant Director of the Alabama Craft Council, and is one of the co-owners Artists Incorporated Gallery in the Rocky Ridge Business District in Vestavia Hills.


twitter: @GalleryArtists

twitter: @ReynStudio

Feature Artist: Kathryn Allison


After growing up in Birmingham, Kathryn relocated to Lookout Mountain, GA to attend Covenant College for four years where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art. She now resides in Chattanooga, TN and has a cozy studio in her basement.

Kathryn started drawing patterns when she was in high school and through her time in college she identified textile design as a field in which she could draw patterns all day long. Through her experimenting with hand printing techniques as a way to produce those patterns, Kathryn has also fallen in love with the richness and uniqueness that comes with hand printed textiles.

You can see Kathryn’s textile work at rangemarktextiles.com and etsy.com/shop/rangemark