David Greene…

David Greene will be one of the artists present at the Riverchase Loves Artists Art Show, held February 2 at Riverchase Country Club in Hoover…




Do you have instinctive compulsions? Merriam-Webster defines compulsion as an irresistible persistent impulse to perform an act. Creating visual art is integral to my expression as a person and overall well being. Visual art to me is a means to communicate in a language exclusive to the internal, mysterious, and elusive. I aspire to share my art on a global scale and secure a career that centers around design, creativity, and visual medium. I find that I’ve met some of the most interesting people in my life through the creation, collaboration and sale of my work.
Stream of consciousness is defined as a continuos unedited chronological flow of conscious experience within the mind. It is through the raw translation of this into visual medium that decisions are made for materials, themes, and subjects in my work. Portraying the inner energy of living subjects radiating outward in the form of halo’s, stippling, waves, or concentric circles and shapes is a consistent theme in my work.

I’am currently expanding my work onto wood panel as well as digital mediums. I’ve always liked working with my hands and with wood panel the creation experience feels more hands on and challenges my standard use of canvas. My background in technology is extensive and I’ve always enjoyed exploring the merging of my artistic sensibility with technology and design. Through the communion of technology and my artistic endeavors I aim to develop the skills necessary for a career in graphic design.

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