Feature Artist: Don Estes

A famous playwright once wrote, “at times, the soul needs something that reason cannot explain.”  That defines art for me.  Art has always evoked a feeling that goes beyond explanation for me.  Beyond the beautiful colors, an interesting scene or a riveting portrait, art produces a feeling inside me.  I fervently hope that I might cause that feeling in others who take time to view my paintings.  If so, I am a very successful artist.

Growing up on a West Alabama farm in the fifties, I was not exposed to art, yet I cannot remember looking at a photograph or reading a good book that did not fire my imagination causing an image to form in my mind.  In later years I encountered a few people that helped develop my interest in art.  While in communication school in Chicago I was taken to some of the wonderful museums by a new friend.  What I saw and felt made a lasting impression on me.  From there I began my first feeble attempts to draw and suffered much frustration.  Several years later I tried again and in frustration enrolled in a painting class at the Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation.  While there a mentor taught me some of the basics.  Still it was many years before I began to work at art seriously.

An exciting life of working in broadcasting and then in the music industry took my time and energy for several years.  I still found time to dream about becoming an artist.  After 10 years as Director of Promotion for Warner Brothers Records in Los Angeles and 4 years as founder and publisher of a music business trade magazine, I decided it was time to take the plunge into art.  Moving back to my home state of Alabama I have studied and worked steadily to improve as an artist.  I have been fortunate to study under Daniel E. Greene at his studio farm in New Salem, New York.  Daniel is one of the premier  portrait artists in the world.  He was a student, and is a teacher, at the famous Art Students League in New York City.  I have never regretted the decision to focus my life on the arts.

I love art and hope that you find something that stirs a good feeling when looking at any of my paintings.



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