Laura Brookhart’s Mixed Media Make a Visit to Riverchase Loves Artists Art Show Worth Your Time!

Midnight in the Garden fb  Netsuke Homage fb  Out of the Way Cafe RLA fb Jewelry RLA  Echo in the Forest fb

Though the lens of the camera and beyond, I am an arranger and composer of images. A single image that engages me may become a springboard for playful manipulation or whimsical juxtaposition. Multiple images and multiple layers merge into a unified composition.

Primarily a Colorist, and always appreciative of the abstract qualities of texture, I am drawn to the ever-inviting nuances of nature expressed through a contemporary lens with a not to surrealism.

— Laura Brookhart —

“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”  –  Wassily Kandinsky


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