Larisa and Mary Ann Brechun To Bring Their Paintings to Riverchase Loves Artists

Embracing the Light Little BluebirdSurf

We are a mother and daughter team of painters. We offer affordable original paintings, and we want to bring happiness to your walls whether it be a serene landscape, a   colorful still life, or a dramatic figurative piece.

While last year had its ups and downs, 2015 is promising to be challenging also as Larisa now lives in Austin, TX and Mary Ann remains in Birmingham. However, we will continue to support each other, both personally and artistically, as we create our Fine and Fun Art!

Larisa’s work can be seen at Austin Art Garage (Austin, TX), Four Seasons Gallery (Homewood, AL) and Littlehouse Galleries (Homewood, AL). Mary Ann also has art at Four Seasons Gallery in   Homewood.


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