Gyl Turner, Painter, to Return to Riverchase Loves Artists

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Acrylic paints on canvas and wood~ painted to hopefully inspire joy, peace and an overall feeling of well being. All of these things being what I feel as I create. It is a true joy in my heart and I am thrilled to have discovered this relatively new love. I am a “young artist” learning new things every day. I enjoy discovering new techniques through trial and error and picking dog hairs out of my paintings…they make them more special :) I find painting very therapeutic and love getting lost in the colors…using TONS of brushes and knives and getting paint from head to toe. I consider it a good day when I take a shower at night and have to scrub paint off and watch the colors go down the drain. Life is definitely better when the artistic soul is uncovered.


Look for Gyl Turner Art on Facebook.


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