Kami Watson, Fiber Artist

Kami Watson Studio Patchwork Triangle Shawl Kami Watson Studio Nuno Felted Shawl - Reds Kami Watson Studio Nuno Felt Cocoon Shrug  Kami Watson Studio Nuno Felt Shawl - Chestnut

Traditional wet felt is believed to be one of the earliest textile forms. Creating felt is the labor intensive process of washing, carding, and dyeing wool, layering fibers in a determined design, adding soap and water, and agitating the fibers until they interlock to create a fabric form.

Nuno (“fabric”) felting is a contemporary textile art based on the traditional wet felt technique. Nuno felt is created by agitating and felting fibers into an already established lightweight fabric. This modern process allows for the creation of lighter weight and uniquely textured designs.

A second generation Fiber Artist, my foundation in felt making was cultivated while assisting my mother in her studio. Working in international development, humanitarian aid, and environmental conservation for more than 15 years, I often found myself returning to the family farm in between projects. In exchange for room and board, I would provide assistance in the studio and at art shows.

My adventures in the fiber art of felting started as a hobby and way to “earn my keep” when staying at the family farm. It has since become my full-time career, and in March 2014 I opened my own studio. I specialize in both traditional wet felt and nuno felted wearable art and home decor. My designs are created with fiber raised on my parent’s farm as well as fibers and fabrics I carefully source and hand dye.

My designs are available in my studio showroom, online, and at juried art shows.

website: www.kamiwatsonstudio.com


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