Susan Baird, Painter


“Moments of beauty, be it music, art, nature, or an act of kindness, can take you out of a space of weary familiarity. Beauty, in whatever form it takes, can interrupt a pattern of behavior or a way of thinking and cause us to stop in our tracks and take notice of it.”

John O’Donohue in Divine Beauty:  The Invisible Embrace


For me, painting is about trying to give expression to moments of beauty using the somewhat clumsy tools of an artist. Scenes from the natural world, objects from my cupboard, interactions with other living beings, the movement of light… all inspire me to dream, think and imagine a world that is worth taking a risk for, a world that is worth painting.

I have learned about painting from some of my favorite living artists including Leonard Wren, David Leffel, Roger Dale Brown, Robert Johnson and Kenn Backhaus. I have also taken classes from accomplished Birmingham artists, Terry Strickland, John Lonergan, and David Baird.

My paintings are shown at Artists Incorporated Gallery and area shows.

Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Birmingham, Alabama, my home and studio are shared with my beloved husband, Dave and our sweet pup, Chaucer. We have two grown sons who have left home to seek their fortunes. To view my paintings, you can visit my website Thank you for stopping by.




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